Our Mission 

Is to motivate law students and lawyers to give their time and skills so that the vulnerable in our communities can access justice and development: 

To encourage Christian lawyers to view law as ministry;

To mobilize the resources needed to promote justice, religious liberty, the inalienable right to human life, and biblical conflict reconciliation 

To encourage, disciple and aid Christian students in preparing for the legal profession; 

To provide a forum for the discussion of problems and opportunities relating to Christianity and the law 

To encourage lawyers to provide legal services to the poor and needy, and grant special consideration to the legal needs of churches and other charitable organizations. 

Encourage grassroots legal advocates (Community paralegal) 

Deliver legal education in the community, prison, etc 

Offering case specific legal advice and training on self-representation 

Providing legal representation in the neediest of cases 

We believe in Universal access to justice.

Come join us to establish Christian ethics, and compassion, peaceful resolution of conflicts, good governance, integrity, human rights and national development.

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