Lawyer Referral Service
Provides access to justice to Community seeking legal assistance. Read More
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Promotes Alternative Dispute Resolution according to Biblical teaching. Read More
Advocacy for vulnerable
Advocacy for vulnerable people. Need more info to be added here. Read More
Child Rights Protection
Protection of Child Rights to help them live their life. Read More
Law Empowerment
Law empowerment to paralegals (Abunzi). Need more info here. Read More
Legal Education
For Community, Local Leaders, Prisoners, Women and Children Read More
Support to Vulnerable Children
Provision of support to vulnerable children. Need more information here. Read More
Gender Equality & Fighting GBV
Promoting gender equality and fighting Gender-based Violance. Read More

We believe in Universal access to justice.

Come join us to establish Christian ethics, and compassion, peaceful resolution of conflicts, good governance, integrity, human rights and national development.

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