Lawyers of Hope Membership Form

As an association of christian lawyers, we seek to reach out to the most vulnerable members of our society, in particular vulnerable , children, prisoners and other needy people ; to seek justice on their behalf ; and share with them Christ’s love and compassion.


Membership of network of lawyers of hope in Rwanda (LOH) is open to anyone involved in the practice, administration, teaching, or study of law, who accepts and is personally committed to the principle of faith as taught in God’s inspired word, the bible, particularly salvation from sin by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, God incarnate, who died on the cross, rose from death, ascended into heaven, indwells Christian believers through the holy Spirit and will return in the Glory.

If you agree with the declaration of faith above, and would like to become a member please tick the box below.

We believe in Universal access to justice.

Come join us to establish Christian ethics, and compassion, peaceful resolution of conflicts, good governance, integrity, human rights and national development.

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