Who We Are

The Network of Lawyers of Hope in Rwanda (LOH)/or Reseseaux des Juristes de l’Espoire au Rwanda, is an association of Christian lawyers which was founded in 2006.

The association was granted provisional registration as No Governmental Organization in March 2008. Legal personality was granted in 2010.

Our Vision 

Committed to defend the cause of poor & needy 

We seek to reach out to the most vulnerable members of our society, in particular Children, Women and other needy people to seek justice and wellbeing on their behalf and share with them Christ love and compassion. We work to promote sustainable development and social justice. 

Our Mission

Provide access to Justice and Development 

Our mission is to motivate law students and lawyers to give their time and skills so that the vulnerable in our communities can access justice and development. We’re a Non-Profit group of socially activist Lawyers, committed to defend the cause of poor and needy through sustainable development.

Join Us Today!


The LOH membership consists of nearly 234 lawyers, law students, professors, and others who support its work. It has one chapter across Kigali and 5 student chapters across Rwanda in law schools. Membership is open to all Lawyers who believe in and sign LOHs’ Statement of Faith


We are a Christian organization motivated by our faith in Jesus, but we do not discriminate on the basis of faith and welcome involvement from anyone who shares our values. 

We believe in Universal access to justice.

Come join us to establish Christian ethics, and compassion, peaceful resolution of conflicts, good governance, integrity, human rights and national development.

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